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What is Dialow?

Pronounced: (Dee-al-ow)

TLDR: A Comic Idea! (Personal Project)

Dialow is a project/idea I've had since around high school. The name comes from a combination of the animals Dingo, Alligator and Crow. It was originally thought up as a video game idea but eventually it shifted over into a comic idea.

Dialow will be a comic about a cast of silly characters that run a comedy sketch show within the world of the comic. It will be a split focus between the shows the characters produce as well as their lives outside of the show. One way I like to describe it would be a little bit like the original Muppets show except we also get to explore a lot more of the world the characters live in as well. The Genre of the comic will mainly be comedy but I plan to have action and drama play a huge part.

The main character cast consists of Dingo, Alligator ,Candy and Crow and a secondary rival cast will consist of Chili. Ed. Betty and Joy. There will be other characters among them that work on both shows as well as characters who live in the city within the world of Dialow. I will go more in depth with each character as I write bios for them.

Currently, I'm working on pre-production for the comic's world and characters. Most of the characters have already been redesigned or updated at this point. I just want to make proper turn-arounds and reference sheets for most of the main characters before really sinking my teeth into working on the comics. The other part I'm currently working on is a script for a first main story arc I plan to do.

My plan for now is to nail all the main characters of the comic down and a first main story. The rest can be worked on as it comes. There will also be a little bit of work done for side characters and stories that I imagine won't take as long as the main stuff. For now I'll continue to post some fun drawings alongside character sheet progress. I also have 11 comic strips of about 30 total that I'm treating as a sort of 'Beta' to the main comic series that I'm going to start uploading soon!

That's all I can think of to share at this point without going overboard. If there are any questions about Dialow, feel free to ask! πŸ™‚ It's been fun working on this stuff lately and I hope to finally see this idea of mine sprout some legs and take off finally. If any of this interests you, please follow my social media accounts for more updates!


Erick/ InsaneDingo


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